Keith Miller, Founder & President


founder & president

Keith Miller was born and raised near Boston, where his Irish ancestors had set their roots as far back as the 1830’s. He developed a deep interest in historical New England architecture at a young age, and after graduating from the Worcester Art Museum School in 1973, chose construction as a way to merge his creativity and talents into a life career. Through various trade apprenticeships across the Northeast, and Cape Cod in particular, Keith gained hands-on, ground-up experience on a myriad of projects including numerous restorations of homes that were 200 years old or more – every one a job where quality and craftsmanship were the measure of success from beginning to end.

In 1980, the Millers moved to Los Angeles to escape the harsh New England winters that plague builders and Keith received his fi rst California contractor’s license as Miller Contractors (B422327) in 1981.

During the building boom of the ‘80’s, it was a classic Builder’s joke that “the new status symbol in Beverly Hills is a dumpster in the front yard…” – a commentary on the number of remodels then in progress. Keith set his sites on accepting only a small number of high-end projects, and in doing so had the opportunity to work with some of the best Architects and Designers in Southern California. He moved his offi ce to Studio City in 1987, and developed a relationship with his future partner, Paul Kinney through a project they produced together which later graced the cover of the April 1995 "Architectural Digest."

After the Northridge earthquake in 1994, Keith changed the Company name to Race Point, Inc. (B722523) using the original Cape Cod lighthouse as a symbol of the New England quality, craftsmanship and integrity he came to respect and value.

Since their inception, Miller Contractors and Race Point, Inc. have been specialized in high-end residential remodeling, new custom homes, specialized commercial projects and quality historic restorations.