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RACE POINT, INC. has been delivering quality, integrity and value for over 28 years in high-end residential, custom commercial and historic renovation projects across the Greater Los Angeles area. We have had the privilege of working with the most talented architects and interior designers in Southern California - providing personal service to meet the design professional’s intent and the Owner’s wishes.

Because of the relationships we build during the construction process, virtually all of our projects are a result of referrals and repeat clients.

Race Point, Inc. has built its reputation on providing true value by maintaining high quality with an aggressive schedule – sadly uncommon in the building industry. In addition, every Race Point client will see a principal on his/her project every day. Very few contractors that specialize in this high-end arena can make this claim.

The Race Point Company name and logo originate from a sandy peninsula at the end of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Race Point Lighthouse was built there near Provincetown in 1816. The adjacent area of sand dunes is known as Race Point since it is this point at lands-end around which wooden sail boats would race at the end of the 19th century.

Today, the reference to Race Point is meant to evoke an era of craftsmanship and timeless beauty – expressed in our commitment to “doing a job right” that goes into each Race Point project along with the integrity to stand behind every job once completed.

Race Point projects have been published in Architectural Digest, California Home Design, Los Angeles Magazine, Mix Magazine, Remodel Magazine, and Valley Magazine magazines among others and have been featured on television specials including "Beautiful Homes and Great Estates."